Vitamin A—a deficiency creates environment for infection.

Beta carotene—25,000 to 100,000 IU, can be taken instead of vitamin A.

Vitamin C—1 to 3 g, has antiviral properties, can reduce symptoms and length of infection.

Bioflavonoids—1 g in divided doses, work syner-gistically with vitamin C.

Vitamin E—200 IU with mixed tocopherols, enhances immune cell activity.

Zinc—15 to 25 mg, aids the production of antibodies and T-cells; especially helpful for recurrent infections.

Multivitamin and mineral—for the elderly.

Propolis—tincture, apply topically and take orally, product from bees, an antiseptic and has healing properties.

Herbal Healing For Everyone

Herbal Healing For Everyone

Disease isn't complicated it's really very easy and the application of good sense techniques may defeat any disease. All microbes and viruses are weak and may be defeated easily with cleaning and nutrition.

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