Phosphatidyl choline—3 g, reduces liver dam-

Thymus extracts—200 mg three times daily crude extracts or 40 mg purified proteins three times daily, helps repair liver damage and increase immune cell numbers.54 Take only under the supervision of a physician.

Catechin—500 to 750 mg three times daily; can improve viral hepatitis; a bioflavonoid.

Vitamin C—2 g, may prevent infective hepatitis during blood transfusions and treat viral hepa titis; for acute cases, 50 to 100 g intravenously daily.

Bioflavonoids—work synergistically with vitamin C.

Vitamin E—1200 IU with mixed tocopherols, can repair liver damage.


Vitamin B complex

Herbal Healing For Everyone

Herbal Healing For Everyone

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