Homeopathy is a complete health care system that can therapeutically effect a wide range of illnesses and dysfunctions. The principle behind homeopathy is the Law of Similars—the same substance that in large doses produces a symptom of an illness will cure the same symptom by using a small dose (the theory behind vaccines and allergy desensitizing); and the Law of Infinitesimal Dose—the higher the dilution, the more potent the remedy. Remedies can be diluted to such an extent that no molecule of the original substance remains, which is where homeopathy enters the realm of quantum physics. In a study of 23 different homeopathic remedies, through the use of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, subatomic activity was observed in all samples tested.

Homeopathic remedies are prepared by diluting a substance with pure water or alcohol, then shaken vigorously by a process called succussion. The procedure is repeated a number of times which not only dilutes the substance but removes any risk of toxicity. A remedy diluted more than 24 times will no longer have an original molecule present but the electromagnetic frequencies of the substance will have been stored in the water molecules.

Homeopathic treatment is individual and specific. For example, chronic headaches are conventionally treated with analgesics or anti-inflammatory drugs, but in homeopathy, there are over 200 symptom patterns of headache with corresponding remedies for each one. A patient is profiled according to physical, emotional, and mental qualities before a remedy is prescribed. If an incorrect remedy is taken, it will work either superficially or not at all, so it is recommended that therapy be conducted under the supervision of a homeopathic practitioner.

Homeopathy can reverse and benefit many acute or chronic diseases including allergies, vascular diseases, autoimmune disorders, viral and bacterial infections, arthritis, flu, respiratory illnesses, female health problems like PMS, epilepsy, mental and emotional disorders, skin eruptions, and digestive disorders. The therapy is especially effective for children in cases such as ear and bladder infections, teething, colic, diarrhea, hyper-activity, emotional problems, and learning disabilities. Pregnant and lactating women benefit as well in not passing on toxic elements from conventional drugs to the fetus or infant.

For more information contact: National Center for Homeopathy, 801 North Fairfax, Suite

306, Alexandria, Virginia 22314, 703-548-7790; International Foundation for Homeopathy, 2366 Eastlake Avenue, East, Suite 301, Seattle, Washington 98102, 206-324-8230; Homeopathic Educational Services, 2124 Kittredge Street, Berkeley, California 94704, 800-3599051; British Institute of Homeopathy and College of Homeopathy, 520 Washington Boulevard, Suite 423, Marina Del Rey, California 90292, 310-306-5408.

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