Herbal therapy

Chasteberry aka Vitex—1 to 2 g powdered berries or 4 ml extract three times daily, regulates hormone levels; reduces hot flashes and mood swings.

Black cohosh—1 to 2 g powdered rhizome or 3 to 4 ml extract or 4 to 6 ml tincture twice daily; relieves hot flashes and other menopausal symptoms.

Dong quai—1 to 2 g powdered root, 4 ml tincture, or 1 ml extract three times daily reduces symptoms including hot flashes.

Licorice, red clover—have estrogenic activity; licorice—1 to 2 g powdered root or 4 ml extract three times daily.

Skullcap—reduces anxiety.

Motherwort—for palpitations and anxiety.

Ginkgo biloba—40 mg extract, increases blood flow, helpful for cold hands and feet that often accompanies menopause.

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