Herbal therapy

Licorice root—1 to 2 g or 2 to 4 ml extract or 2 to 5 ml tincture three times daily, take orally or apply cream topically, glycyrrhizin component reduces inflammation and itching. Chamomile or calendula—cream, apply topically, have anti-inflammatory properties. Chickweed—cream, apply topically, relieves itching.

Aloe vera—gel, apply topically.

Witch hazel—apply topically.

Red clover—relieves symptoms.

Green tea—200 to 300 mg extract or cups of tea drunk throughout the day, has antiallergenic properties.

Health And Fitness 101

Health And Fitness 101

Self-improvement is a thing which you must practice throughout your life because once you started to believe that you are perfect then, things will start to become complex. You need to know that no one is perfect and no one can be perfect.

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