Epilepsy is a dysfunction of the electrical activity in the brain. Seizures may involve loss of consciousness or be of a milder form with symptoms such as momentary loss of awareness, rapid heart beat, sweating, and high blood pressure. The illness is not always, but can be, inherited. Children in a study who had both migraine headaches and epileptic seizures had no seizures or had fewer when foods they were allergic to were eliminated from the diet. The common offenders are cow's milk and cheese, citrus fruits, eggs, wheat, corn, pork, tomatoes, and chocolate.

The dose of anticonvulsant drugs may be able to be lessened only after pursuing other alternatives and doing so gradually over many weeks. Drug therapy may always be necessary but at a level that has lesser side effects. The intention of adjunct or alternative therapy is to moderate brain activity. Eliminate stimulants that activate brain activity such as coffee, alcohol, tea, tobacco, colas, and chocolate.

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