Ear Infection

Inflammation and infection of the middle ear, called otitis media, is a result of blockage of the Eustachian tubes that run from the back of the throat to the middle ear. Fluid gathers and pressure builds up, causing pain. Symptoms are a throbbing pain and sometimes fever. If there is a sudden sharp pain and pus drains from the ear, the eardrum has been perforated. Ear infection can be of a bacterial, viral, or fungal nature. It can also be the result of a structural obstruction or an allergic reaction to food, air, pollen, mold, or dust.

In a study, 86% of the children affected with ear infections were relieved of the condition when foods they were allergic to were removed from the diet, taking several months for the infection to clear totally. Most common offenders are milk, wheat, eggs, peanuts, and soy products. Allergies cause an inflammation and swelling of the middle ear, which allows fluid to become trapped and infection to fester.

Craniosacral manipulation by an osteopath has cured middle ear infection caused by restriction of the respiratory apparatus. While fluid is not able to drain because of the restriction, it stagnates and bacteria is allowed to breed. For more information contact: the Cranial Academy, 8606 Allisonville Road, Suite 130, Indianapolis, Indiana 46250, 317-595-0411. Breast-feeding has shown to prevent middle ear infection;41 the longer the infant is nursed the greater the protection. The reason is likely due to antibodies in the milk.

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