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Principles of assessment

Assessment, testing, or measurement is the evaluation of the individual in numerical or categorical terms, adhering to a range of statistical and psychometric principles. Examples of measurement are assigning people or behaviour to categories, using scales to obtain self-ratings or self-reports, using tests of ability and performance, or collecting psychophysiological readings. Even diagnosis is a form of measurement and should have various psychometric properties such as satisfactory reliability and validity. In this chapter we concentrate on cognitive or neuropsychological assessment, which typically employs standardized psychometric tests, but it is axiomatic that the basic principles are applicable to all forms of measurement without exception. For example, stating that a patient does or does not have a symptom is potentially just as much of a measurement as stating his or her IQ. It should be noted that this account is of English language tests, and readers elsewhere should note...

Further texts in the family of documents

Casebooks have been developed to provide examples of the application of the diagnostic criteria for the individual doctor or as a help in diagnostic seminars. The English language casebook contains 100 cases, each well structured and described, systematically covering the whole of Chapter F (Ustun et al. 1986).(49) The German casebook 0) contains case histories whose styles differ depending on the author.

Sex reassignment outcome

Follow-up reports on operated transsexuals are generally quite favourable. An early review of several follow-up studies, (25 reported on 283 male-to-female transsexuals. Results were judged satisfactory for 71 per cent, uncertain for 17 per cent, and unsatisfactory for 8 per cent. For 83 female-to-male transsexuals results were judged satisfactory for 81 per cent, uncertain for 13 per cent, and unsatisfactory for 6 per cent. A more recent report of a series from a Canadian centre considered reassignment successful in 46 of 50 male-to-female transsexuals and successful in all 61 female-to-male transsexuals. (26 In The Netherlands, of 55 male-to-female transsexuals, none regretted surgery and none had significant doubts regarding their reassignment status as women. Of 25 female-to-male transsexuals, at least 90 per cent were judged successful.(27) In another comprehensive review of the English language literature over a 10-year period for operated transsexuals, at least 90 per cent of...

The unique gene identifier

Broadly speaking, the LocusLink record is comprised of three components. The first is a stable unique identifier called the locus ID. The second component is the reference sequence which is obtained from the REFSEQ 15 database, which in turn is seeded by a GenBank source coding sequence. This reference sequence is left as provisional until the full length is obtained according to the editorial process. The third component includes all the annotations such as the completeness indicator for the gene (indicating that the entire coding component of the gene is complete), accession numbers providing links to a protein record, links to the OMIM, 16 links to other databases such as UniGene and DBSNP, and an extremely useful English language summary that describes the gene. Of note, LocusLink is involved in an active collaboration with the Human Gene Nomenclature Committee (HGNC) 17 to provide an overall unifying international standard. Most recently, LocusLink also maintains links to...


The word temperament came into the English language in the Middle Ages to reflect the biological soil from which personality develops. Temperament is an underlying biological potential for behavior, seen most clearly in the predominant mood or emotionality of an individual and in the intensity of his or her activity cycles. As such, it refers to the sum total of inherited biological influences on personality that show continuity across the life span. Because our physical matrix exists before other domains of personality emerge, biologically built-in behavioral tendencies preempt and exclude other possible pathways of development that might take hold. Constitution refers to the total plan or philosophy on which something is constructed. The foremost early exponent of the constitutional approach was Ernst Kretschmer (1926), who developed a classification system based on three main body types thin, muscular, and obese each of which was associated with certain personality traits and...


Isolated amyloid deposition in the sinonasal mucosa is a rare event, with about 20 cases reported in the English-language literature 180, 258 . Grossly, the lesion appears as a friable tumour-like mass, with a tendency to bleed. Histologically, there is a deposition of intensely eosinophilic material in the stroma, around blood vessels and around ducts of the mucoserous glands, which is often associated with diffuse chronic inflammation and foreign body granulomatous reaction. Amyloid stains orange with Congo red, and showed apple green birefringence under polarised light examination. Im-munohistochemistry may help to identify the type of amyloid deposition.


Has a deep voice. Normal language is telepathic, expressed with whispers or growls. Said to be able to learn English. Eats bananas, fish, shrimp, milk, squash, berries, sugarcane, and sweet potatoes. Lives in caves, lava tubes, hollow logs, or banana-leaf huts. Usually well dressed. Works at night to build fishponds, stoneworks, irrigation ditches, houses, and monuments. Carves petroglyphs. Enjoys playing games, music, dancing, singing, diving, and sports. Afraid of owls and dogs. Learned how to cook from humans.

Malignant Lymphoma

Primary non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL) of the larynx is rare, accounting for less than 1 of all laryngeal neoplasms 8 and approximately 1 of all primary extra-nodal lymphomas 389 . By definition, the bulk of the disease should occur in the larynx 389 . About 65 cases have been reported in the English-language literature 8, 55, 70, 249 .

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