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Gamblers Anonymous

This form of self-help for pathological gambling is organized in regular local groups. As well as meetings for those who have a problem with gambling, there are also separate ones for their spouses partners. Quite apart from the valuable work done in the group setting, Gamblers Anonymous provides a useful means of establishing alternative social contacts to those that were associated with gambling. Indeed, in some people, Gamblers Anonymous may be the vehicle through which all the necessary help can be provided. Even if this is not the case, Gamblers Anonymous still provides a valuable form of support for the individual and the family.

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Psychoneuroendocrinological research in personality disorders

Coccaro et al. (36 found a blunted prolactin response to stimulation with fenfluramine in patients with personality disorders with physical aggression and motor impulsivity. Moreno et al.(3Z) obtained similar results in patients with a borderline personality disorder and impulsive suicidal behaviour, and a blunted response to prolactin after stimulation with clomipramine in pathological gamblers. Impulsivity has been correlated with a low platelet monoamine oxidase ( MAO) activity. Carrasco et al.(46) have studied two groups of professions characterized, at least in principle, by their impulsivity, extraversion, and sensation- and novelty-seeking traits bullfighters and bomb-disposal officers. They were compared with pathological gamblers and with non-impulsive controls. Their psychological traits were assessed using a series of questionnaires and their platelet MAO activity was measured. The bomb-disposal officers did not differ from the control group, which shows that the process...

Ecuadorean Giant

(2) Legends surrounding the Las Vegas preceramic culture, which lived in the area 8000-4700 b.c In 1977, a burial site yielded some 200 interments from the period, including the double burial of a man and woman entwined in each others' arms they became affectionately known as

Random Numbers

When casino croupiers spin a roulette wheel and roll the ball, they are using a physical device to draw a random number from a probability distribution. Gamblers have an interest not only in the particular number selected, but also in the underlying probability distribution. The distribution influences the average slot in which the ball comes to rest. Factors that influence the distribution of values include the number of slots, the distribution of value indicators (e.g., red or black, even or odd) in the slots, the balance of the wheel, the qualities of the axle and stopping mechanisms (e.g., age, rigidity, smoothness, etc.), gravity, and a host of other physical phenomena. Choice of a particular final resting slot at a particular time is influenced by the underlying distribution, of course, but also by the force exerted by the croupier on the wheel and the ball, the slot at which the ball is released, and the current physical conditions (e.g., atmospheric conditions) of the room.


Elevated novelty-seeking or sensation-seeking has also been proposed in antisocial individuals. Antisocial groups have scored higher on Cloninger's Novelty-Seeking scale (Cloninger, 1996). Novelty seeking has been associated with noradrenergic function. (Roy et al, 1988). In pathological gamblers, nora-drenergic hyperactivation, consistent with elevated novelty-seeking, is suggested

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