Role of HPV in nonwart skin conditions

HPV can often be detected in common dermatoses, leading to speculation that HPV may play a role in the development of conditions such as psoriasis vulgaris. It has been postulated that EDV HPV types may play a role in the hyperproliferation of skin in psoriasis vulgaris. Anti-HPV 5 antibodies have been demonstrated in epidermal repair processes, including second degree burn and autoimmune skin diseases, including bullous disorders. Thus, it initially appeared that antibodies to the EDV HPVs were artifactual [55]. More recently, a French group looked at the presence of EDV HPV types 5 and 36 in scrapings from adults and children with psoriasis vulgaris. More than 42% of children and adults demonstrated HPV 5 DNA sequences. The most compelling, although anecdotal, piece of evidence was demonstration of HPV 5 DNA in an 18-month-old girl and a boy with a 1-week history of disease [56]. The mechanism by which hyperproliferative HPV types may trigger a widespread epidermal disorder like psoriasis is yet unknown, although it is clear that it is only one of many plausible putative etiologies of psoriasis.

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