Histologically, small bowel carcinomas resemble their more common counterparts in the colon, but with a higher proportion of poorly differentiated tumours {496, 1006}. Some are adenosquamous carcinomas {624, 1345, 1525}. Carcinomas with prominent neoplastic endocrine cells {821} and with tripartite differentiation, i.e. with glandular, squa-mous, and neuroendocrine components {111, 207}, have also been reported. Small cell carcinomas (poorly differentiated endocrine carcinomas) are rare {2196} (see next chapter). In metastatic carcinoma of the small intestine, evidence of a pre-existing adenomatous component can be mimicked by the ability of the intestinal mucosa to cause differentiation of the metastatic tumour {1732}; this phenomenon can give the erroneous impression of a primary carcinoma of the small intestine.

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