Fig. 10.12 Serous microcystic cystadenoma. A The lesion is well demarcated from the adjacent pancreas. B Cysts of varying size. C The epithelium is cuboidal and focally PAS-positive.

Fig. 10.14 Serous cystadenoma. Characteristic cuboidal epithelium forms intracystic papillary structures in this field.

there are few (occasionally only one) macroscoplcally visible cysts filled with watery clear or brown fluid. The cysts usually vary between 1 and 2 cm in diameter, but cysts as large as 8 cm have been reported {1062}. The irregularly arranged cysts, sometimes separated by broad septa, lie within a fibrous stroma that lacks a central stellate scar. The cysts and the supporting fibrous tissue may extend into the adjoining pancreatic tissue so that the tumours are poorly demarcated.

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