phagus and gafloladder can extend mio the stomach by diroct spread or. m some cases by lymphat* spread Ovarian adenocarcinoma usually spreads via the peritoneum and lymphatic channels, however, gastric metastases from ovarian cancer could also be of haematogenous origin 11148)


Gastric metastases may appear as ulcers, as iWis ptastoa. or as polyps The submucosal migration and extent oI metastases may be much more extensive than seen by endoscopy or radiography Melanomas may or may not be pigmented


The histopathotogy of gastric metastases ts smiiar to that of the primary cancer and to other haematogenous metastases of that cancer Irnmunohtstochemcel and molecular markers may help to OUofenti-ate a sgnet-rmg ce« carcinoma of the stomach from metastatic mammary c*s-ease (2174) Gasmc metastasis from primary breast cancer is usually of lobular rather than ductal type |1872. t097. 517|

Prognosis and predictive factors

Gastric metastases usually ropresent a late, disseminata stage of the disease in ttrfuch other haematogenous metastases are also frequently found The prognosis is therefore poor In one series tne mean survival was 11 months. w\1h a range of 3 months to 5 years (158) but the gastnc metastases led to death m only 4 of 67 cases |618)

Hf 1SS Mttistjtic prostata carcinoma. Tha lawin '•iumb*«s cvcino«5 Tuneor caia wara pottwa tor prostata tpaofic amiQOfL naoalrva for chromo-

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