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Fig. 6.88 Leiomyosarcoma. A Cigar-shaped nuclei. B Pleomorphic cells with atypical mitosis.

Fig. 6.89 Colonic lipoma.

Fig. 6.90 Malignant stromal tumour.

Fig. 6.91 Kaposi sarcoma. A Submucosal infiltrate. B Vascular slit pattern.

gen type IV deletions as the oesophageal leiomyomas. Gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GISTs) of the colorectum are similar to those in the stomach and small intestine and are discussed in the section on gastric mesenchymal neoplasms. Most reports antedate the separation of GISTs and leiomyosarcoma. GISTs occur mainly between the 6th and 8th decades, and most are malignant {89}. Many tumours grow beyond the rectal wall making radical surgery difficult and recurrences common. Histologically, the examples reviewed by us have all been of the spindle cell variety, all have been c-kit positive, and most of them CD34-positive. Actin-positivity occurs, but the tumours are desmin-negative. C-kit mutations have been shown in rectal GISTs {1018}. The survival from large bowel stromal/ smooth muscle sarcomas appears to be slightly higher than that of the small bowel and lower than that of the stomach and oesophagus {461}.

Fig. 6.89 Colonic lipoma.

Fig. 6.90 Malignant stromal tumour.

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