Fig. 8.72 Angiosarcoma. A Sinusoidal spread of tumour cells with destruction of hepatocyte plates. B Disrupted liver cells act as scaffolding for the tumour cells.

tumour alternates with red-brown haem-orrhagic areas. Large cavities with ragged edges, filled with liquid or clotted blood, may be present. A reticular pattern of fibrosis is seen in cases related to prior exposure to Thorotrast.

Histopathology. Tumour cells grow along preformed vascular channels (sinusoids, THV and portal vein branches). Sinusoidal growth is associated with progressive atrophy of liver cells and disruption of the plates, with formation of larger vas cular channels and eventually the development of cavities of varied size. These cavities have ragged walls lined by tumour cells, sometimes with polypoid or papillary projections, and are filled with clotted blood and tumour debris. Reti-

Fig. 8.73 Angiosarcoma. A Closely packed elongated tumour cells. B Pink-brown granular deposits of Thorotrast in a portal area adjacent to an angiosarcoma

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