As for an infant, the history recorded for a present illness of an older child should also include the birth and developmental history.

For all children, obtaining the developmental history is mandatory. A series of screening questions for the parents will usually uncover any gross delays, but a detailed developmental assessment is often necessary to delineate the exact deficits. Standard scales used for this purpose include the Denver Developmental Scale, the Bayley Scales, the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale and the McCarthy Scales of Children's Abilities. Important features of all developmental milestones include the absolute level attained, the loss of specific abilities and the temporal pattern (e.g., slower than normal, or a plateau). In school-age children, a record of school performance including grades, special classes, repeated grades, or a requirement for special education will often provide an important clue regarding intellectual ability. Finally, social and interpersonal problems are often the first signs of a more significant problem.

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Brain Training Improving Your Memory

Brain Training Improving Your Memory

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