Obesity and Type2 Diabetes

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Epidemiological studies show that increasing body weight is associated with an increasing risk for type-2 diabetes (T2D) [1]. More than 90% of individuals with T2D are obese. Conversely the prevalence of T2D is 46% among individuals with a BMI of 30 (kg/m2) and higher. Obesity is a contributing factor in the development of T2D in an estimated 60-90% of patients with this condition [2]. The data indicate that the current epidemic obesity may be the major causative factor in the worldwide increase of the prevalence of diabetes.

Excess body fat, in particular surplus of visceral fat, is recognized to result in metabolic disturbances. The amount of intra-abdominal fat and the waist circumference have proven as independent predictors of the incidence of T2D [3].

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