Management of Weight Loss in Diabetics

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It has been reported that achievement of weight loss and weight maintenance in patients with T2D seems to be more difficult than in people without diabetes. Poor adherence to the dietary recommendations and physiological adaptations that occur with dieting [15] may explain the poor outcomes. In addition, intense blood glucose control in diabetics may counteract with weight loss efforts. The results of the UK Prospective Diabetes Study show a significant increase in weight in the intensive-treated group compared with the conventional diet group by 3.1 kg for the cohort at 10 years [16].

There is a wide range of various dietary treatments which are offered by health professionals for the treatment of obese patients with T2D. Most dietary treatments aim at a reduction of energy intake below energy needs. However, despite giving detailed recommendations patients find compliance extremely difficult and the effectiveness of standard dietary treatment in general appears to be poor, particularly in the long term.

Thus, for weight loss in diabetic patients, programs are needed to increase the amount of weight loss and to facilitate and improve long-term weight maintenance.

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