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Fig. 1. Incidence of type-2 diabetes per 1,000 person-years by cardiorespiratory fitness levels according to age group (a), body mass index (BMI; b), history of parental diabetes (c), and impaired fasting glucose (d).

of developing type-2 diabetes in both overweight and non-overweight individuals, in young and older individuals, in those with and without impaired fasting glucose, and in those with and without parents with diabetes. A similar negative relationship was found between self-reported physical activity and the risk of type-2 diabetes in a group of 87,253 middle-aged women [2].

Physical activity impacts type-2 diabetes in at least two ways. First, increased physical activity is associated with less overweight and obesity (both through prevention and treatment of obesity). Since overweight and obesity increase the risk of type-2 diabetes [6], less overweight and obesity is associated with less type-2 diabetes. Second, physical activity helps in the prevention and treatment of type-2 diabetes through weight-independent effects on metabolic pathways involved in diabetic control [1, 7, 8].

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