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Within the last few years considerable interest has developed in the links between insulin resistance, the generation of reactive oxygen species, tissue damage and the liberation of pro-inflammatory cytokines and acute phase proteins, which appear to be involved in the development and progression of both diabetes and CHD. There is some research that indicates that the glycemic index may play a role in this sequence of events. In one study C-reactive protein has been found to relate to high glycemic load diets [15]. Studies have also demonstrated that the postprandial rise in glucose is associated with depression of serum antioxidants [30] including lycopene and vitamin E. Data indicate that the higher the level of postprandial glycemia the greater the depression of serum antioxidants [30]. The concept is evolving that increased insulin resistance may result from oxidative stress. Supplementing subjects with the antioxidant vitamin E has been shown to improve glycemic control. Studies such as these suggest a possible beneficial role for low glycemic index diets through reducing oxidative damage. However, we are still in the early stages of this research area and longer term studies will be required to better define the relevance of these interesting new findings and what significance the glycemic index concept may have in it.

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Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

All you need is a proper diet of fresh fruits and vegetables and get plenty of exercise and you'll be fine. Ever heard those words from your doctor? If that's all heshe recommends then you're missing out an important ingredient for health that he's not telling you. Fact is that you can adhere to the strictest diet, watch everything you eat and get the exercise of amarathon runner and still come down with diabetic complications. Diet, exercise and standard drug treatments simply aren't enough to help keep your diabetes under control.

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