Meibergdreef 9 NL-1105 AZ Amsterdam The Netherlands

E-Mail [email protected]

Prof. Gérard Slama

Department of Diabetes Hôtel Dieu Hospital 1, place du Parvis Notre Dame FR-75004 Paris France

E-Mail [email protected] htd.ap-hop-paris.fr

Prof. Terence Wilkin

Department of Medicine Postgraduate Medical School Level 7, Derriford Hospital Plymouth PL6 8DH UK

E-Mail [email protected] phnt.swest.nhs.uk

Dr. Hailu Zhao

Department of Medicine and


Prince of Wales Hospital

Ngan Shing Street 30-32

Shatin, Hong Kong, SAR


E-Mail [email protected]


Prince of Wales Hospital Shatin, Hong Kong, SAR China

E-Mail [email protected]

Prof. Mingdao Chen

Shanghai Institute of Endocrine and Metabolic Diseases 197 Ruijin Road II

Shanghai 200025 China

E-Mail [email protected]

Prof. Zuzhi Fu

Medicine Sun Yet-Sen University No. 135, Xin Gang Xi Road Guangzhou 510275 China

Prof. Low-Thone Ho

Taipei VHG: 201 Shih-Pai Road, Section 2 Taipei Taiwan

E-Mail [email protected]

Prof. Hongding Xiang

Department of Endocrine Peking Union Medical College Hospital

No. 1, Shuai Fu Yuan Dongcheng District Beijing 100730 China

E-Mail [email protected]

Invited attendees

Dr. Daniel Giannella Neto / Brazil Prof. Catherine Field / Canada Prof. Donglian Cai / China Prof. Jialun Chen / China Prof. Xiafei Chen / China Prof. Zongyi Ding / China Prof. Sheng Ge / China Prof. Renming Hu / China Prof. Linong Ji / China Prof. Wiing Jia / China Prof. Zhimin Liu / China Prof. Rongli Qian / China Prof. Jianqin Sun / China Prof. Mengli Sun / China Prof. Haoming Tian / China Prof. Jianping Weng / China Prof. Manying Xu / China Prof. Huixia Yang / China Prof Yongnian Yang / China Prof. Demin Yu / China Prof. Serge Halimi / France Dr. Patrick Serog / France Prof. Elisabeth Steinhagen-Thiessen / Germany

Ms. King Chi, June Chan / Hong Kong

Mr. Yung Kind, David Chan / Hong Kong

Ms. Tsui Fun, Lornea Cheung / Hong Kong

Dr. Chun Chung Chow / Hong Kong Ms. Wai Shan, Wendy Tam / Hong Kong Dr. Johanes Casay Chandrawinata /

Indonesia Prof. Khalid Abdul Khadir / Malaysia Dr. Francisco Lagrutta / Panama Dr. Carlos Velarde / Panama Dr. Roberto Mirasol / Philippines Dr. Rosa Allyn Sy / Philippines Dr. Saddah Eshki / Saudi Arabia Dr. Chee Fang Sum / Singapore Dr. Kaushik Ramaiya / South Africa Dr. Gabriel Olveira / Spain Prof. Lee-Ming Chuant / Taiwan Dr. Chao-Hung Wang / Taiwan Dr. Natapong Kosachunhaunun /

Thailand Dr. Apussanee Boonyavarakul / Thailand

Dr. Nattachet Plengvidhya / Thailand Dr. Linda Wilkin / UK

Nestlé Nutrition participants

Mrs Penelope Small / Australia

Dr. Olivier Ballevre / China

Mrs. Bénédicte Sentenac / France

Ms. Mandy Ma / Hong Kong

Mr. Satoru Okada / Japan

Ms. Jean Ang / Malaysia

Mrs. Amelita Valenzuela / Philippines

Ms. Ai-joo, Alicia Ng / Singapore

Mrs Patricia Anthony / Switzerland

Dr. Denis Barclay / Switzerland

Mr. Dominique Brassart / Switzerland

Dr. Jason Chieh Chou / Switzerland Prof. Ferdinand Haschke / Switzerland Dr. Natalia Leonova / Switzerland Dr. Eduardo Schiffrin / Switzerland Dr. Thomas Schweizer / Switzerland Mr. Pierre Wuersch / Switzerland Ms. Patricia Lee / Taiwan Mr. Keith Colin-Thome / Thailand Ms. Wirudchada Suttayakom /

Thailand Ms. Fabienne Le Tadic / UK

The Dysmetabolic Syndrome

Bantle JP, Slama G (eds): Nutritional Management of Diabetes Mellitus and Dysmetabolic Syndrome. Nestlé Nutr Workshop Ser Clin Perform Program, vol 11, pp 1-13, Nestec Ltd., Vevey/S. Karger AG, Basel, © 2006.

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