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VII Foreword XI Contributors

The Dysmetabolic Syndrome

1 The Dysmetabolic Syndrome: Epidemiology and Etiology

Sauerwein, H.P. (The Netherlands)

15 Traditional Chinese Medicine in the Treatment of Diabetes

Zhao, H.-L.; Tong, P.C.Y.; Chan, J.C.N. (Hong Kong, SAR, China)

31 Pharmacological and Surgical Intervention for the Prevention of Diabetes

Glycemic Effect of Carbohydrates

43 The Glycemic Index: Methodology and Use

Kendall, C.W.C.; Augustin, L.S.A.; Emam, A.; Josse, A.R.; Saxena, N.; Jenkins, D.J.A. (Canada)

57 The Argument against Glycemic Index: What Are the Other Options?

73 Low Glycemic Index Foods Should Play a Role in Improving Overall Glycemic Control in Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetic Patients and, More Specifically, in Correcting Excessive Postprandial Hyperglycemia

Slama, G.; Elgrably, F.; Kabir, M.; Rizkalla, S. (France)

83 Is Fructose the Optimal Low Glycemic Index Sweetener?

Beyond Glycemic Control

97 Optimal Diet for Glycemia and Lipids

107 Antioxidants and Diabetes

127 Dietary and Body Weight Control: Therapeutic Education, Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive-Behavioral Approaches for Long-Term Weight Loss Maintenance

Golay, A. (Switzerland)

Diabetes in the Life Cycle

139 The Accelerator Hypothesis: A Unifying Explanation for Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetes

Wilkin, T.J. (United Kingdom)

155 Diet and Medical Therapy in the Optimal Management of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus

171 Do Meal Replacement Drinks Have a Role in Diabetes Management?

Ditschuneit, H.H. (Germany)

The Role of Drugs and Diet Therapy - Alone and Together

183 Physical Activity in Prevention and Management of Obesity and Type-2 Diabetes

Hill, J.O.; Stuht, J.; Wyatt, H.R.; Regensteiner, J.G. (USA)

197 The Role of Lifestyle Modification in Dysmetabolic Syndrome Management

207 Critical Review of the International Guidelines: What Is Agreed upon - What Is Not?

Katsilambros, N.; Liatis, S.; Makrilakis, K. (Greece)

219 Subject Index

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Diabetes 2

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