Unlike the other major peroxide detoxification systems, namely catalases and peroxidases (which contain tightly or covalently bound heme) and true glutathione peroxidases (which have a selenocysteine at the active site), peroxiredoxins (Prxs; EC rely on the cysteine sulfur at the active site as the catalytic center attacking the peroxyl -O-O- bond. Nonetheless, activation of this cysteine and the surrounding residues that support this function are sufficient, in at least some of the Prxs, to impart a level of catalytic efficiency that is on a par with those of the above enzymes (> 107M-1s-1) (Budde et al., 2003; Akerman and Müller, 2005; Parsonage et al., 2005). Initial studies of the biochemical functions of members of this family of antioxidant proteins focused on roles in protection of bacterial DNA from oxidant damage (Christman et al., 1985; Greenberg and Demple, 1988; Jacobson et al., 1989) and in protection of yeast glutamine synthetase from oxidative inactivation (Kim et al., 1988). As the recognition and understanding of

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Natural Detox

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