HUM-HLA region


-10m, 10x


-10m, 6x


8m, 10x



Fig. 4. (A) SAM reassembly of human chromosome 6 region from 33,000,000 to 33,600,000 inclusive. (B) SAM reassembly of 0.6 Mb fragment of Human Chr 6 from 58,250,000 to 58,850,000 inclusive, containing a subcentromeric region. These graphs show the proportion of errors in the simulated reconstructed human HLA region using various numbers of mutants for short reads of 150 bp. All mutation is at 10% and individual mutant coverage of c — 6-fold or 10-fold. Again no knowledge of the original sequence is used during the reconstruction. The graph indicates the level of reassembly accuracy. For example, with eight mutants of length 0.5 Mb, the average error was 0.0005, while with the addition of two more mutants (total 10) an error of ~1/10,000 was obtained.

the length of the DNA fragment between 0.1 and 0.6 Mb, and was dependent more on the number of different mutants used for the assembly.

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