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• Proposed reclassification of MDS based on morphology, karyotype and clinical features; not yet universally accepted.

• Lower threshold for diagnosis of AML from 30%—>20% blasts in PB or BM; eliminates FAB category 'RAEB-t'.

• Refined definitions for low grade MDS: RA and RARS.

• Addition of new category 'refractory cytopenia with multilineage dysplasia' (RCMD).

• Defines two subtypes of RAEB: RAEB-1 (5-9% BM blasts) and RAEB-2 (10-19% BM blasts) reflecting worse clinical outcomes with >10% blasts.

• Recognises the '5q- syndrome' as a distinct narrowly defined entity.

• Removes CMML to a newly created disease group: MDS/MPD.

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