WHO diagnostic criteria for CMML

1. Persistent peripheral blood monocytosis >1.0 x 109/L.

2. No Philadelphia chromosome or BCR-ABL fusion gene.

3. <20% myeloblasts, monoblasts and promyelocytes in PB or BM.

4. Dysplasia in >1 myeloid lineages or if myelodysplasia absent but above criteria present, CMML may be diagnosed if:

- An acquired clonal cytogenetic abnormality present in BM cells or

- Monocytosis persistent for >3 months and all other causes excluded.

Diagnose CMML-1 if <5% PB blasts and <10% BM blasts.

Diagnose CMML-2 = 5-19% PB blasts or 10-19% BM blasts or Auer rods present with <20% BM blasts.

Diagnose CMML-1 or CMML-2 with eosinophilia with above criteria + PB eosinophil count >1.5 x 109/L.

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