Management and prognosis

There is no evidence that MCL has been cured by either conventional chemotherapy or autologous SCT. Response rates of 50-90% have been achieved with COP or CHOP including CR rates of 30-50%. Median freedom from progression is <1 year. There is no survival advantage for anthracycline containing regimens.

• Fludarabine-cyclophosphamide regimens (fflp6)6) appear to have a high response rate in previously treated patients.

• Rituximab, the anti-CD20 monoclonal antibody produces responses as a single agent and is under examination in combination with fludara-bine-cyclophosphamide.

• MCL is generally an aggressive disease with a median survival of 3 years. Most patients develop progressive refractory disease. A small number follow a more indolent course.

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