Acute myelomonocytic leukaemia (mixed myeloid (>20% blasts & promyelocytes) & monocytic (>20%) maturation; monocytic cells are non-specific esterase positive; may have Auer rods) 20% of cases.


M4 variant with 5-30% eosinophils; associated with inv(16) chromosome abnormality. 5% of cases


Acute monoblastic leukaemia (poorly differentiated subtype with >80% monocytoid cells of which >80% are monoblasts; Auer rods unusual) 10-15% cases are M5a or M5b.


Acute monocytic leukaemia (differentiated subtype with >80% monocytoid cells including NSE-positive cells with typical monocytic appearance; Auer rods rare)

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