Leukaemia Research Fund LRF

The LRF is one of the major UK based research charities in the field of leukaemia and related conditions. It supports leukaemia research in major academic institutions; work supported ranges from basic science relating to the molecular genetics of leukaemogenesis to extensive case controlled studies into epidemiology of leukaemia and related disorders.

In addition to funding major research it provides information booklets on a range of (mainly) malignant blood disorders which are suitable for patients, their relatives and carers and also appropriate for non-specialist professional staff who become involved in specific aspects of the clinical care of the patient with leukaemia or a related disorder.

The stated aim of the fund is to improve treatments, find cures and prevent all forms of leukaemia and related cancers through a programme of nationally funded, high calibre research activities.

Booklets are available on the acute and chronic leukaemias, lymphomas including Hodgkin's disease, myeloma and related disorders, myelodysplasia myeloproliferative disorders and aplastic anaemia. A revised series of booklets was produced in 1997. Availability of such information on the wards or in the clinic is vary helpful to patients and their carers.

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