Issue and administration of blood and blood products

1. Units of blood are labelled as being matched for an individual patient.

2. Before administering the patient/recipient identity must be checked (see 3 point identity above).

644 3. Label details are rechecked by trained nursing staff at the bedside immediately prior to the transfusion any discrepancies identified must be referred urgently to the blood bank and the clinician responsible for the patient-transfusion of that unit cannot proceed until any ambiguity about identity has been resolved.

4. Unit of blood must be given within its expiry date.

5. Check for damage to the pack, discolouration of the contained red cells, or evidence of haemolysis.

6. Administration of the unit must commence <30 min after leaving the blood bank and be completed within 4h of commencing infusion.

7. Administration of blood products must be recorded in the case notes.

8. The unique number of given RBCs or blood products should be entered in the notes.

9. If given warm, ensure a safe approved warming procedure is used.

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