Intraoperative blood salvage

Allows blood lost during surgery to be reinfused into patients using suction catheters and filtration systems. Expensive and not widely used in the UK at present. Intraoperative blood salvage useful in cardiovascular 658 surgery but may be used for almost any surgical procedure (provided no faecal contamination or risk of tumour dissemination).

1. Single use disposable canisters (e.g. Solcotrans™) where the patient is heparinised and anticoagulated blood is collected into ACD anticoagulant in the canister. Red cells reinfused after filtration through a microaggregate filter.

2. Automated or semi-automated salvage (e.g. Hemonetics Cell Saver ). Blood is collected, washed centrifugally, filtered and red cells held for reinfusion.

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