Infusion of fresh noncryopreserved stem cells

Explain procedure and side effects to patient. In general, bone marrow will be in a larger volume than an apheresis product.


1. A medical staff member must be available to start the infusion and stay with the patient for the first 30 minutes.

2. Prime blood giving set without an in-line filter with 500mL 0.9% saline and connect to the patient—check there is a good flow.

3. Check BP, pulse and chest auscultation before the infusion.

4. Give paracetamol 1g PO and chlorpheniramine 10mg IV at beginning of infusion.

5. Give stem cells as slowly as possible for the first 15 minutes, then increase the rate to 100mL in 60 minutes. If after 2h the patient is tolerating infusion without problems, increase to 200mL/h until completion.

6. Watch for fluid overload—give diuretic if necessary.

7. Nursing staff should monitor BP and pulse every 15-30 mins.

8. Write infusion details in the patient's notes in red ink.

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