Fibrinogen becomes active activates —I inhibits

Blood coagulation network

Tissue injury triggers off a cascade of zymogen-to-protease reactions which amplify resulting in thrombin generation and fibrin clot.

Natural anticoagulation network

Natural anticoagulants: Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor (TFPI), Antithrombin and Activated Protein C. Thrombin binds to a receptor, thrombomodulin (TM) on the surface of endothelial cells. Bound to TM thrombin loses anticoagulant activity and becomes a potent activator of protein C—►Activated PC (APC) with co-factors PS and FV, cleaves and inactivates Factors Va and VIIIa.

Fibrinolytic network

Tissue plasminogen activators (TPA) activate plasminogen to plasmin; this breaks down fibrin releasing degradation products (FDPs, or XDPs when cross-linked) into the circulation.

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