A very favourable subgroup (stage I, age <40, no 'B' symptoms, ESR <50, 9 and MT ratio <0.35) may achieve 65-75% FFS and >90% OS at 10 years following extended field radiotherapy treatment alone.

Patients with non-bulky NLPHL presenting with unilateral high cervical or epitrochlear lymphadenopathy may be treated with involved field radiotherapy alone; at median follow up >7 years, more patients with NLPHL and LRCHL die of treatment-related toxicity than recurrent HL; may be best treated with limited dose, limited field radiotherapy alone; with similar aim of reduced toxicity anti-CD20 antibody treatment may prove useful in NLPHL.

212 Stage IA patients with subdiaphragmatic disease should receive chemotherapy ± involved field radiotherapy to avoid extended pelvic/abdominal fields that are myeloablative and sterilising in women; patients with NLPHL localised to inguinal or femoral region may receive regional irradiation only.

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