Half-life of infused coagulation factors in FFP

<12h Factors V, VII, VIII, and protein C

>12 <24h Factor IX and protein S

>48h Fibrinogen, factors XI, XII, XIII, ATIII

• Defrost the bag in a waterbath (5 min) or at room temperature (20 min).

• Give as soon as possible and at least within the hour through a filter needle.

• Must be group compatible; if blood group not known, give 'all groups'.

• If recipient Rh (D) -ve 3 of child bearing age given Rh (D) +ve plasma give anti-D (250u).

• Dose 10-15mL/kg body wt (usual starting dose in an adult = 2-4 units depending on the PT).

• Check PT and APTT before and 5 min after infusion to assess response.

• Note clinical response in bleeding patients; repeat as necessary, remember short half-life.

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