Group 1:

Vesicant drugs

All vesicants except vinca alkaloids & cisplatinum

Apply cold pack instantly. SC dexamethasone 4mg around margins. Elevate limb but encourage movement. Reapply cold pack for 24h.

Actinomycin D

Infiltrate area with 1-3mL 3% sodium thiosulphate.







Topical DMSO painted every 2h followed by hydrocortisone cream and 30 mins cold compression. Repeated for 24h thereafter DMSO and hydrocortisone should be alternated every 3h; if blistering occurs stop DMSO.


Infiltrate area with 1-3mL 3% sodium thiosulphate, aspirate off then administer 1500 units hyaluronidase and apply heat and compression.


Infiltrate area with 1-3mL sodium bicarbonate diluted to plicamycin 2.1%, avoid normal tissue at the margins, leave 2 mins then aspirate off.

Docetaxel Paclitaxel

Infiltrate area with 1-3mL of a mixture of 100mg hydrocortisone and 4mg chlorphenamine (chlorpheniramine) as 0.2mL pin-cushion injections, followed by 1500U of hyaluronidase then warm compression alternated with topical antihistamine cream; hydrocortisone and antihistamine creams should be applied alternately for 3d. In severe cases administer 1g sodium cromoglicate PO as soon as possible.

Chlormethine (mustine)

Infiltrate area with 1-3mL 3% sodium thiosulphate then infiltrate with 100mg hydrocortisone, apply cold compression intermittently for 12h.

Vincristine, vinblastine & vindesine

Infiltrate area with 1500 units of hyaluronidase as 0.2mL SC injections over and around the affected area; apply heat and compression for 24h then apply topical non-steroidal anti-inflammatory cream to the area qds.

Group 2: Irritant drugs

• Aspirate as much as possible.

• Administer 100mg hydrocortisone IV.

• Administer 100mg hydrocortisone SC at multiple sites around margins of extravasation.

• Apply topical hydrocortisone.

• Manage symptoms.

Group 3: Non-vesicant drugs

• Aspirate as much as possible.

• Disperse extravasated drug with SC hyaluronidase injection around the area.

• Apply heat and compression to aid dispersal.

• Manage symptoms.

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