Favourable prognosis stage I or II HL without any risk factors

Aim: cure with minimal side effects.

• Treatment of choice is combined modality treatment, using attenuated duration chemotherapy, e.g. ABVD x 4 cycles + involved field radiotherapy (36-40Gy).

• Aims to eliminate local disease and treat occult disease with reduced toxicity using limited field and attenuated number of cycles of chemotherapy.

• Expected outcome: ~90% failure-free survival (FFS) and >95% OS at 5 years.

Alternative therapeutic options:

Subtotal lymphoid irradiation (36-40Gy) offers ~80% FFS and >90% OS. It has been argued that most patients relapsing after radiotherapy alone can be salvaged by chemotherapy (e.g. ABVD) thus sparing most patients the toxicity of combined modality therapy. However, long term toxicity from extended field radiotherapy is significant.

EBVP x 6 plus involved field radiotherapy (36-40Gy).

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