Clinical staging

2 systems widely used to classify patients as low, intermediate or high risk:

1 Moreau, E.J. et ai. (1997) Improvement of the chronic lymphocytic leukemia scoring system with the monoclonal antibody SN8 (CD79b). Am j Ciin Pathoi, 108, 378—382.

Rai modified staging

Level of risk


Median survival


0 Lymphocytosis alone

>13 yrs


I Lymphocytosis & lymphadenopathy

II Lymphocytosis, spleno or hepatomegaly

B yrs 5 yrs


III Lymphocytosis, anaemia (Hb <11.0g/dL)* 2 yrs

IV Lymphocytosis, thrombocytopenia (<100 x 109/L)* 1 yr

*not due to autoimmune anaemia or thrombocytopenia.

0 0

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