Clinical features of MDS

• Presentation ranges from mild anaemia to profound pancytopenia.

• May be asymptomatic with mild anaemia identified on routine FBC.

• Macrocytic or normochromic anaemia usual (60-80%) ± neutropenia (50-60%) ± thrombocytopenia (40-60%).

• Isolated thrombocytopenia would be a most unusual presentation for MDS.

• Symptoms of underlying cytopenias and cellular dysfunction may develop:

- Anaemia: fatigue, shortness of breath, exacerbation of cardiac symptoms.

- Neutropenia and dysfunctional granulocytes: recurrent infection.

224 - Thrombocytopenia and dysfunctional platelets: spontaneous bruising, purpura, bleeding gums.

• Constitutional symptoms including anorexia, weight loss, fevers and sweats usually feature of the more 'advanced' subgroups; may be due to cytokine release.

• Splenomegaly commonly occurs in CMML and may cause abdominal pain and easy satiety.

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