Catheter aftercare

• Catheter may be used immediately after above procedures. All patients should be educated in the care of their indwelling tunnelled intravenous catheter. This may include self-flushing of the catheter. Catheter should be flushed after each use with saline and locked with heparinised saline. Flush twice weekly when not in use.

• Urokinase may be used if line blockage occurs, insert urokinase and leave for 4—l2h and remove.

• Clindamycin roll-on lotion may be applied to the exit site to minimise local infections.

• Upper wound suture is removed 7d post-insertion.

• Lower exit site suture can be removed at 2 weeks post-insertion for most lines and 3 weeks for apheresis lines to ensure SC embedding of the cuff.

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