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7.1 Introductory Comments

7.2 Leptin and Central Nervous System

7.2.1 Circulating Leptin Gains Access to CNS

7.2.2 Leptin Regulates Complex Neural Networks in Mediobasal Hypothalamus

7.3 Cardiovascular and Autonomic Effects of Leptin

7.3.1 Leptin and Heart Rate

7.3.2 Leptin and Blood Pressure Peripheral Leptin Infusion Central Leptin Infusion

7.3.3 Leptin and Sympathetic Nervous System

7.4 Leptin-Responsive Neural Pathways and Cardiovascular System

7.4.1 POMC/CART Neurons and Cardiovascular Effects

7.4.2 NPY/AgRP Neurons and Cardiovascular Effects

7.4.3 Second Order Neurons and Cardiovascular Effects

7.5 Leptin Resistance, Obesity, and Cardiovascular Effects

7.6 Weight Loss, Leptin, and Blood Pressure

7.7 Future Directions Acknowledgments References

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