• Nodular (Noduloulcerative): most common; pearly, telangiectatic papule, central ulceration, "rolled" appearance at the base

• Superficial: typically found in the trunk and extremities (rare in the head and neck); scaly, waxy, indurated, irregular shapes (similar to eczema)

• Morphea (Sclerosing or Fibrosing): common on the face; flat or depressed, indurated, yellow, indistinct borders (similar appearance to a scar); resembles the cutaneous form of scleroderma; aggressive, higher rate of recurrence, worst prognosis

• Pigmented: similar to nodular type, however more pigmented, resembles a melanoma or benign nevus

• Fibroepitheliomas: raised, firm, pedunculated or sessile, red with smooth skin surface

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