Relapsing Perichondritis

• Pathophysiology: unknown etiology, inflammation of elastic cartilaginous tissue with high concentration of glycosaminoglycans

• SSx: episodic and progressive symptoms

1. auricular chondritis, cochlear and vestibular injury (vertigo, hearing loss)

2. respiratory chondritis (laryngeal collapse)

3. nasal chondritis (saddle nose deformity)

4. polyarthritis (nonerosive, migratory)

5. cardiac valve insufficiency

• Histopathology: perichondrial inflammation, fibrous tissue replacement

• Dx: clinical history and physical exam, elevated nonspecific immunological markers (eg, ESR, IgG), elevated antibodies to type II and type IV collagen (must differentiate from rheumatoid arthritis, gout, and other connective tissue diseases)

• Rx: NSAIDs, corticosteroids for severe attacks

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