Monomorphic Adenoma


• similar to pleomorphic except no mesenchymal stromal component: predominantly an epithelial component or (rarely) the myoepithelial component

• more common in the minor salivary glands (upper lip)

• Dx: surgical biopsy (parotidectomy)

• Rx: superficial or deep parotidectomy (see below)


Basal Cell Adenoma

• monomorphic adenoma that has predominately basaloid cells

• Subtypes: solid (commonest, solid nests of basal cells), trabecular (ribbon-like pattern), tubular, membranous

• Prognosis: rare malignant potential


• Myoepithelioma Adenoma: monomorphic adenoma that has predominately myoepithelial cells

• Clear Cell Adenoma: must evaluate for metastatic renal primary

• Membranous Adenoma

• Glycogen Rich Adenoma

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