Squamous Papilloma


Squamous papillomas represent the majority of benign tonsillar and oropharyngeal tumours [89]. They arise on the soft palate and uvula, but also on the posterior wall of the oropharynx. They have an exophytic appearance. The fibrovascular stalk is covered in a regular, stratified, non-keratinising or keratinising squamous mucosa, with occasional parakeratosis. The vast majority show no viral cell changes. Some papillomas, however, show HPV-related cell changes with the typical koilo-cytes with small pyknotic nuclei and a perinuclear halo, the so-called tonsillar condylomata [190]. Subtyping for HPV demonstrates typically low-risk HPV 6 and 11. For a detailed description of squamous papilloma in the oropharynx see Chap. 1.

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