Sinonasal Papillomas

Sinonasal papillomas may be divided into squamous cell papillomas of the nasal vestibule and schneiderian pap-illomas of the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses [121]. The first are covered by epithelium of the skin surface. The latter are lined by well-differentiated respiratory epithelium (referred to as the schneiderian membrane) and comprise three histopathological types: exophytic, inverted and oncocytic. The histopathological features that clearly differentiate between the three types of sch-neiderian papillomas have been well documented [173]. Human papilloma virus (HPV) types 6 and 11 are involved in the pathogenesis of exophytic papillomas, but not in the other two variants of schneiderian papillomas [35, 89, 128]. All oncocytic papillomas examined have been HPV-negative [35, 128, 221].

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