Salivary Type Adenomas

Pleomorphic adenoma is the most frequent benign glandular tumour of the sinonasal region. Most arise on the nasal septum and the rest on the lateral nasal wall or turbinates. Origin in the maxillary antrum is rare. The recurrence rate of sinonasal pleomorphic adenoma is much lower than for its counterpart in the major salivary glands [56, 109]. Rare examples of sinonasal onco-cytoma, myoepithelioma and basal cell adenoma have been reported [27, 55, 103, 277], as well as one case of sinonasal myoepithelioma transformed into myoepithelial carcinoma after various recurrences [9].

Fig. 2.5. Oncocytic papilloma with atypical cells: papillary stalks covered by columnar cells with frequent atypical nuclei and onco-cytic cytoplasm-forming microcysts

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