Phtisis Bulbi

A long period of time after a trauma or an inflammatory disease, the total eye becomes atrophic. As long as cho-roidal and retinal anatomy are preserved, this is called atrophia bulbi. As soon as disorganisation of choroidea and retina occurs, it is called phtisis bulbi. A reactive cell proliferation dominates the histology. This proliferation can be fibroblastic (trauma of cornea, sclera, choroidea or iris), or glial (retinal damage). Also, proliferation of retinal pigment epithelium or ciliary body epithelium can be seen. The optic nerve is usually completely atro-phic.

nal or choroidal vessels, like inflammatory or neoplastic disorders. In rhegmatogenous detachment, passage of fluid from the vitreous cavity to the subretinal space is present. It occurs through a hole in the retina, caused by degeneration or a minor trauma. Enucleated eyes with retinal detachment usually show many signs of previous surgical intervention. The most important information for the surgeons is whether the retina survived the separation and reattachment or not and if a reason for surgical failure can be found.

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