Oral Epithelial Naevi

Oral epithelial naevus was the term given to distinctive white plaques involving the ventral lingual mucosa and floor of the mouth [37]. These were sharply defined, irregularly butterfly shaped and had a uniformly wrinkled surface. However, a retrospective study of lesions of this type in the floor of the mouth suggested there was a substantial risk of malignant transformation in this lesion and it was renamed sublingual keratosis [94, 139]. Since that time there have been no other studies substantiating these observations and the status of these lesions needs to be re-established.

Naevus unius lateris typically involves the skin with unilateral linear, papillary or verrucous lesions, usually along the long axis of a limb or across the trunk. It has uncommonly been associated with oral lesions [74]. These are typically papillary, wart-like proliferations and have been described on the lips, tongue, buccal mucosa, palate and gingivae, usually on the left. Microscopy shows papilliferous proliferation with non-ke-ratinised, hyperplastic epithelium covering connective tissue cores that may be patchily inflamed. Similar lesions have been described in the absence of cutaneous lesions, usually in the midline of the palate.

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