Malignant Melanoma ICDO87203

The majority of conjunctival melanomas arise within primary acquired melanosis with atypia. Development of a melanoma in a pre-existing naevus or de novo is possible, but uncommon [44, 61]. In malignant melanoma clusters of atypical melanocytes are present in the stroma (Figs. 10.14, 10.15). The melanocytes are most frequently epithelioid, but can also be spindle-shaped or bizarre. The intraepithelial component shows large, atypical melanocytes, often without ascending cells. This differs from skin melanocytic lesions, where ascending melanocytes can be very helpful in diagnosing a malignant melanoma. These cytological characteristics do not seem to influence prognosis. Depth of the tumour, however, does have prognostic value: thickness less than 1.5 mm means a low risk of metastatic disease.

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